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This was a prototype so there are blemishes on the metal work. 

Made for the Jensen 918 Op Amp, the Mount Cyanide 818 Mic and Instrument Preamp caters to the low impedance input and feedback network that Deane Jensen spec’d for his original 918 op amp. Featuring a brand new Jensen input transformer, Pikatron instrument transformer and a vintage Jensen in the output transformer position. 

Microphone input features the relay-controlled PHD circuit of phantom, pad and polarity. The unbalanced input automatically switches to a D.I. circuit and runs the signal through a third transformer allowing direct recordings for guitar, bass, synth or drum machine. A total of 3 transformers in the signal path makes the 818 an excellent preamp for instrument tracking. An output fader allows you to drive the transistors and transformers harder for saturated tone while maintaining optimal recording level.

*Please note that the instrument input will only work with unbalanced connections. For balanced, use the mic input and engage the pad.


Fully built and in perfect like-new operating order.

818 Mic and Instrument Preamplifier